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Contact Me

Drop me a line at ansleyasher at gmail dot com!

Please don’t send me mail with dirty words as I know them all already (well, I know enough to make myself clear). Please don’t send me growth ads if you know what I mean, and I really don’t need help with self publishing, or want an agent that charges fees. By the way, if your agent is charging you fees, you may want to rethink your choice of representation and contact these people at Writer Beware for help right away:

I can’t read your manuscript as I cannot offer personal advice, and I also can’t tell you how to get published. I can chat a bit about my own limited experiences, though. I’d love to hear YOUR success stories (and woes) if you’d care to share them. And, of course, I like to talk about shared hobbies, i.e. the internet, sim games, or warcraft or whatever.

If your email is like one of my “please don’t” examples, I will not respond. If you sent me a nice email and didn’t hear back from me, it could have gotten lost. Just try again! If you can’t get through to my email for some reason (maybe it’s bouncing back), feel free to post about it in a comment.

Relax & be careful out there!


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