Ansley Asher

writing thoughts

Don’t Start There!

So whenever you want to write a story, you have to start at the beginning and write all the way to the end, right?

NO! You don’t have to–especially if your concept of the start is a little shaky, but you have this superior idea for the middle. Write the middle instead! Write whatever scenes are clearest to you even if they’re supposed to be the last. Do the “drudge work” of connecting them at your regular daily writing session. The point is to get something down before you lose the spark, the desire to create. You can clean the story up later. You can even change it so that it’s nothing like your first draft. But you might not start the work at all if you don’t write something down.

It’s always better to write something than nothing. Give yourself (and the story) a fair chance by writing the most inspirational parts first.


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