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Leaving Something Out?

I don’t write articles. But there is something about articles–I mean professional ones, not unpaid bloggers–that I don’t understand. Countless times I have read articles that talk about an event or a quote and never mention the quote or when or where the event was. I still can’t find out when Earth Hour is supposed to be, or if it already passed. Because no one will say. I even read a multi-page article about what will happen for Earth Hour but no mention of what hour when it will be. I wish I could say it was limited to this one time, but it happens daily, and I do searches on Google to find out answers that I really wish would have been in the article.

With political blogs, there’s a lot of posts regarding “what so-and-so said” while never posting a quote. This trend never seems to die. I wish it would. Oftentimes I never find the quote, and don’t even know if it’s true.


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