Ansley Asher

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What You Say Reflects Who You Are

Oh, Onion writers, you are so full of funny!

Dear reader, enjoy these two old, uh, “news” stories first:

It’s Not Nice To Be Smarter Than Other People

Nation Afraid To Admit 9-Year-Old Disabled Poet Really Bad

Do you change what you say to others because of:

  • fear?
  • anger?
  • peer pressure?
  • pressure from your boss?
  • their inability to understand?
  • the fact that you want to play a joke on them?
  • the fact that you believe the rumors about them?
  • the fact that they helped you once?
  • your best friend’s opinion of them?
  • desire for friendship?
  • desire for love?

Do your characters? Shouldn’t they?


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